Maya Lakis designs are crafted in Italy, known for its traditions of savoir-faire passed on over the years across generations. Renowned for their unique ability of manufacturing, Italian craftsmen are specialized in constructions and refined uppers lines. Stitchers, mainly women, have the ability to produce uppers assembled with extremely thin threads and subtle stitches adding to the luxurious aspect of every style.

Sustainability is at the heart of manufacturing of Maya Lakis shoes with treatments on satin which prevent fraying and leather treated with color fastness following environmentally friendly practices
Those techniques mixed with utmost quality of material both satin and genuine leather soles result in an incomparable and unique quality.

The above, mixed with the quality of materials both satin and genuine leathers, soles manually applied and produced with refined curio qualities, manually glued to the shoes, produce results of not comparable and not repeatable quality.

The hand-labor employed

Away from mass production, craftsmen allow utmost care for the assembly of every single component: the prod lead time to only stitch one pair of Maya Lakis shoes may require up to 90 minutes.


Are embedded with real Swarovski crystals. The ornament applied on the Diana Pump for example is made of over 80 crystals of various sizes all combined to reproduce the original artwork on each piece.


Applied on the final polished ornaments of every unique piece is named “palladio”. It is not merely a design choice of colour but also a technical and final protection on the metallic hardware.


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