Maya Lakis X MÉlanie HuYnh

Presenting a limited edition boot style, in collaboration with Mélanie Huynh, Paris-based Creative Talent and stylist.

The creative process has taken several months of passionate brainstorming, sketching and sampling, and embraces signature detailing and draping, where craftsmanship develops into functional creations, all manufactured in Italy. The limited edition is composed of one boot style, imagined in four different colors – black, beige, blue and grey, which explores a new boot shape and textures that reflects the brand’s daring style, whilst carrying a woman with comfort and audacity from dawn to dusk. Inspired by the cosmos, universal energies and the secrets of the stars, each pair from the cosmic-chic capsule is adorned with lucky charms aiming to bring good luck your way.

Maya Lakis X Mélanie Hyunh